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tum·bler / ˈtəmblər/ • n. 1. a drinking glass with straight sides and no handle or stem. 2. an acrobat or gymnast, esp. one who performs somersaults. ∎  a pigeon of a breed that repeatedly turns over backward in flight. 3. a pivoted piece in a lock that holds the bolt until lifted by a key. ∎  a notched pivoted plate in a gunlock. 4. another term for tumbling barrel. DERIVATIVES: tum·bler·ful / -ˌfoŏl/ n. (pl. -fuls) .

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tumblercolour (US color), cruller, culler, medulla, mullah, Muller, nullah, sculler, Sulla •doubler, troubler •bumbler, grumbler, stumbler, tumbler •bundler • muffler • juggler • bungler •suckler • coupler •hustler, rustler •butler, cutler •puzzler • swashbuckler • technicolor •multicolour (US multicolor) •watercolour (US watercolor)

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