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sun·ny / ˈsənē/ • adj. (-ni·er, -ni·est) bright with sunlight: a sunny day. ∎  (of a place) receiving much sunlight: find a sunny patch for the dahlia tubers. ∎  (of a person or their temperament) cheery and bright: he had a sunny disposition. ∎  suggestive of the warmth or brightness of the sun: the room was done up in nice sunny colors.DERIVATIVES: sun·ni·ly / ˈsənəlē/ adv.sun·ni·ness n.


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Sunny ★★ 1941

Another glossed-over, love-conquers-all musical with Neagle as a circus star who falls for a wealthy car maker's son. Dad and crew disapprove, putting a damper on the romance. In spite of the weak storyline and flat direction, Kerns' music and Bolger's dancing make it enjoyable. ♫Who?; D'ya Love Me?; Sunny; Two Little Bluebirds. 98m/B VHS . Anna Neagle, Ray Bolger, John Carroll, Edward Everett Horton, Frieda Inescort, Helen Westley, Benny Rubin, Richard Lane, Martha Tilton; D: Herbert Wilcox.