views updated May 14 2018

can·tor / ˈkantər/ • n. 1. an official who sings liturgical music and leads prayer in a synagogue. Also called hazzan. 2. (in formal Christian worship) a person who sings solo verses or passages to which the choir or congregation responds.


views updated May 18 2018

cantor XVI. — L., ‘singer’, f. canere, cant- (see CHANT, -OR 1).


views updated Jun 11 2018

1. The precentor or dir. of the mus. in a Ger. Protestant church (as J. S. Bach was at Thomaskirche, Leipzig).

2. The leading singer in a synagogue.


views updated May 23 2018

Cantor (Heb., ḥazzan). One trained to lead the Jewish synagogue prayer service.