The Excursions of Mr Broucek

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Excursions of Mr Brouček, The (Výlety páně Broučkovy). Opera in 2 parts by Janáček. Lib. of Part 1, Mr Brouček's Excursion to the Moon, adapted from satirical novel (1887) by S. Čech (1846–1908) by V. Dyk, K. Mašek, Z. Janke, F. Gellner, J. Mahen, and F. S. Procházka; Part 2, Mr Brouček's Excursion to the XVth Century, adapted from S. Čech's satirical novel (1888) by Procházka. Comp. 1908–17. Janáček himself wrote most of lib. of Part 1. F.p. Prague 1920; f. Brit. p. Mar. 1970 (BBC studio, cond. Mackerras), F. Brit. stage p. Edinburgh, Sept. 1970; London (ENO) 1978. F. Amer. p. S. Francisco (concert) 1981, Bloomington (stage) 1981.

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Brouček, The Excursions of Mr ( Janáček). See Excursions of Mr Brouček, The.