Prometheus, Die Geschöpfe des

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Prometheus, Die Geschöpfe des (The Creatures of Prometheus). Ballet by Beethoven, Op.43, comp. 1800–1 (ov., introduction, and 16 nos.), f.p. Vienna 1801, choreog. Salvatore Viganó. Beethoven used 2 themes from the finale of the ballet in other works, viz. 1. A theme in G major appears as No.11 of the 12 Kontretänze for orch., WoO 14. 2. A theme in E♭ major is used as No.7 of the 12 Kontretänze, WoO 14; as the theme of the Piano Variations (Eroica) Op.35; and as the main theme of the finale of Symphony No.3 (Eroica) Op.55.

Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Die

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Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Die (Beethoven). See Prometheus, Die Geschöpfe des.