da capo

views updated May 29 2018

da capo (It., abbreviates to D.C.). From the head. A term meaning ‘Repeat from the beginning until you come to the word fine (end), or the pause mark (⩀).’ Sometimes the expressions da capo al segno (From the beginning to the sign) or da capo al fine (From the beginning to the word fine) are encountered; these are occasionally followed by e poi la coda, meaning that having arrived at the place indicated, the coda should immediately follow.

A da capo aria is one in which the first part is repeated, the singer being expected to add ornamentation in the repeated section.

da capo

views updated May 23 2018

da capo (mus.) direction to repeat from a certain point. XVIII. — It., da from, capo beginning (:- Rom. *capum, for L. caput head; see CHIEF).