Native North American languages

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Native North American languages Any of more than 100 languages spoken in n and Central America by descendants of the various indigenous peoples. The languages fall into many different families. In the USA and Canada, languages include Algonquian (as spoken by the Algonquin), Athabascan and Sioux. In the USA and Mexico, Uto-Aztecan is the most common. In Mexico itself, Oto-Manguean is common, and in Mexico and Guatemala Mayan. Nahuatl is the most widely spoken of this group.

Native South American languages

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Native South American languages Any of more than 1000 languages spoken in South America by between 10 and 12 million people. Among the more important linguistic families are Chibcha, Arawak and Tupian. Widely spoken languages are Quechua (the language of the Incas) and Aymará, found in Peru and Bolivia. Guaraní is spoken in Paraguay.

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Native American languages

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Native American languages