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de·mon·stra·tive / diˈmänstrətiv/ • adj. 1. (of a person) tending to show feelings, esp. of affection, openly. 2. serving as conclusive evidence of something; giving proof: demonstrative evidence. ∎  involving demonstration, esp. by scientific means. 3. Gram. (of a determiner or pronoun) indicating the person or thing referred to (e.g., this, that, those). • n. Gram. a demonstrative determiner or pronoun. DERIVATIVES: de·mon·stra·tive·ly adv. de·mon·stra·tive·ness n.

views updated

DEMONSTRATIVE. A term used in association with pronouns and DETERMINERS as an adjective and a noun: a DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUN; three demonstratives in one sentence. A demonstrative usage indicates relationships and locations, such as between this (near the speaker and perhaps the listener) and that (not near the speaker, perhaps near the listener, or not near either). See DEIXIS.

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