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da·tive / ˈdātiv/ Gram. • adj. (in Latin, Greek, German, and other languages) denoting a case of nouns and pronouns, and words in grammatical agreement with them, indicating an indirect object or recipient. • n. a noun or other word of this type. ∎  (the dative) the dative case.

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dative (Sc.) appointed by the king or the commissary; (gram.) case denoting ‘to’ or ‘for’. XV. — L. datīvus pert. to giving, f. dat-, pp. stem of dare give; see -IVE.

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dative •active • captive •festive, restive •dative, native, stative •fictive • unitive • octave • costive •emotive, motive, votive •furtive • appraisive

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