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du·pli·cate • adj. / ˈd(y)oōpləkit/ 1. exactly like something else, esp. through having been copied: a duplicate license is issued to replace a valid license which has been lost. 2. having two corresponding or identical parts: a duplicate application form. ∎  twice as large or many; doubled: duplicate taxes on oil and gas. • n. / ˈd(y)oōpləkit/ 1. one of two or more identical things: books may be disposed of if they are duplicates. ∎  a copy of an original: locksmiths can make duplicates of most keys. 2. short for duplicate bridge. 3. archaic a pawnbroker's ticket. • v. / ˈd(y)oōpləˌkāt/ [tr.] make or be an exact copy of: a unique scent, impossible to duplicate or forget | fig. they have not been able to duplicate his successes. ∎  (often be duplicated) make or supply copies of (a document): information sheets had to be typed and duplicated | [as adj.] (duplicating) a duplicating machine. ∎  multiply by two; double: the normal amount of DNA has been duplicated thousands of times. ∎  do (something) again unnecessarily: most of these proposals duplicated work already done. PHRASES: in duplicate consisting of two exact copies: forms to complete in duplicate.DERIVATIVES: du·pli·ca·ble / -plikəbəl/ adj. du·pli·ca·tive / -ˌkātiv/ adj.

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duplicate •defalcate • demarcate • cheapskate •eradicate • abdicate •dedicate, medicate, predicate •indicate, syndicate, vindicate •adjudicate • defecate •certificate, pontificate •confiscate • replicate • explicate •spifflicate • triplicate • implicate •complicate •duplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate •supplicate • fornicate •communicate, excommunicate, intercommunicate, tunicate •divaricate, prevaricate •fabricate • deprecate • metricate •extricate •lubricate, rubricate •desiccate • intoxicate • masticate •authenticate • domesticate •sophisticate • prognosticate •rusticate • hypothecate • manducate •educate • obfuscate • inculcate •bifurcate • suffocate • allocate •dislocate • reciprocate • coruscate •altercate • advocate • equivocate •furcate •braggart, faggot (US fagot), maggot •legate •bigot, gigot, Piggott, spigot •ingot • profligate • aggregate • yogurt •conjugate • abrogate • surrogate •ergot, virgate •Bagehot • patriarchate • wainscot •Sickert • predicate • syndicate •certificate, pontificate •Calicut • delicate • silicate • triplicate •duplicate, quadruplicate •intricate • Connecticut • Alcott •ducat • advocate •ballot, palate •charlotte, harlot •appellate, Helot, prelate, zealot •flagellate • distillate •Pilate, pilot •copilot • gyropilot • autopilot •triangulate •ejaculate, immaculate •amulet • spatulate •articulate, denticulate •consulate, proconsulate •postulate • ungulate •inviolate, ultraviolet •chocolate • cardinalate • desolate •isolate • disconsolate • Merlot

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duplicate adj. XV; sb. XVI. — L. duplicātus pp. of duplicāre, f. duplus (see prec., -ATE 2).
So vb. XV. duplication XV. — F. or L.