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dupe1 / d(y)oōp/ • v. [tr.] deceive; trick: the newspaper was duped into publishing an untrue story. • n. a victim of deception: knowing accomplices or unknowing dupes. DERIVATIVES: dup·a·ble adj. dup·er n. dup·er·y / -pərē/ n. dupe2 • v. & n. short for duplicate, esp. in photography.

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dupebloop, cock-a-hoop, coop, croup, droop, drupe, dupe, goop, group, Guadeloupe, hoop, loop, poop, recoup, roup, scoop, sloop, snoop, soup, stoep, stoop, stoup, stupe, swoop, troop, troupe, whoop •hula-hoop • cantaloupe • nincompoop •playgroup • subgroup • peer group

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dupe victim of deception. XVII. — F. dupe, earlier †duppe, said in a text of XV to be a cant term; joc. application of (dial.) dupe hoopoe (of obscure orig.), from the bird's stupid appearance.
Hence vb. XVIII; after F. duper.