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down·ward / ˈdounwərd/ • adv. (also down·wards) toward a lower place, point, or level: he was lying face downward. ∎  used to indicate that something applies to everyone in a certain hierarchy or set: new rules on sick leave affect employees of all grades, from managers downward. • adj. moving or leading toward a lower place or level: the downward curve of the stairs a downward trend in inflation. DERIVATIVES: down·ward·ly adv.

views updated

downward •landward • backward •Edward, headward •hellward • heavenward • leftward •northwestward, southwestward, westward •wayward •leeward, seaward •eastward, northeastward, southeastward •windward • inward • cityward •skyward • sideward • rightward •onward •forward, henceforward, shoreward, straightforward, thenceforward •awkward • northward •downward, townward •outward • southward • poleward •homeward • oceanward • Woodward •sunward • upward • frontward •rearward • afterward • earthward •halyard •lanyard, Spaniard •untenured • steelyard • vineyard •poniard •haphazard, hazard, mazzard •blizzard, gizzard, izard, lizard, vizard, wizard •buzzard