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down·town / ˈdounˈtoun/ • adj. of, in, or characteristic of the central area or main business and commercial area of a town or city: downtown Chicago | a downtown bar. • adv. in or into such an area: I drove downtown. • n. such an area of a town or city: the heart of Pittsburgh's downtown. DERIVATIVES: down·town·er n.

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downtownbrown, Browne, clown, crown, down, downtown, drown, frown, gown, low-down, noun, renown, run-down, town, upside-down, uptown •crackdown • clampdown • Ashdown •markdown • letdown • meltdown •breakdown, shakedown, takedown •kick-down • thistledown • sit-down •climbdown • countdown •Southdown •godown, hoedown, showdown, slowdown •put-down • touchdown • tumbledown •comedown •rundown, sundown •shutdown • eiderdown • nightgown •pronoun • Jamestown • Freetown •midtown • Bridgetown • Kingstown •shanty town • Georgetown • Motown •hometown • toytown • Newtown •Charlottetown • Chinatown

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Downtown ★½ 1989 (R)

Urban comedy about a naive white suburban cop who gets demoted to the roughest precinct in Philadelphia, and gains a streetwise black partner. Runs a routine beat. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Anthony Edwards, Forest Whit- aker, Joe Pantoliano, Penelope Ann Miller; D: Richard Benjamin; M: Alan Silvestri.

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