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disparagecarriage, disparage, Harwich, intermarriage, marriage, miscarriage •undercarriage •cartridge, partridge •Selfridge • Cambridge • Bainbridge •Knightsbridge • umpirage •borage, forage, Norwich, porridge •Oxbridge • storage • drawbridge •Trowbridge • tollbridge • footbridge •courage, demurrage, encourage •umbrage • suffrage •peerage, steerage •sewerage • moorage •harbourage (US harborage) •pasturage • pilferage • anchorage •acreage • vicarage • brokerage •cellarage • Coleridge •haemorrhage (US hemorrhage) •amperage • factorage • hectarage •litreage (US literage), metreage (US meterage) • fosterage •porterage, quarterage •tutorage • average •beverage, Beveridge •leverage • overage • coverage

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dis·par·age / diˈsparij/ • v. [tr.] regard or represent as being of little worth: he never missed an opportunity to disparage his competitors | [as adj.] (disparaging) disparaging remarks. DERIVATIVES: dis·par·age·ment n. dis·par·ag·ing·ly adv.

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disparage †match unequally; bring discredit on XIV; speak of slightingly XVI. — OF. desparagier, f. des- DIS- 2 + parage (high) rank, prop. equality of rank :- Rom. *paraticum, f. L. pār equal; see PEER, -AGE.
So disparagement XV.

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