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dis·gorge / disˈgôrj/ • v. [tr.] 1. cause to pour out: the combine disgorged a steady stream of grain. ∎  (of a building or vehicle) discharge (the occupants): an aircraft disgorging paratroopers. ∎  yield or give up (funds, esp. funds that have been dishonestly acquired): they were made to disgorge all the profits made from the record. ∎  eject (food) from the throat or mouth. ∎  [intr.] (of a river) empty into a sea: the Nile disgorges into the sea at Rashid. 2. (usu. be disgorged) remove the sediment from (a sparkling wine) after fermentation: the wine is aged in the bottle before it is disgorged. DERIVATIVES: dis·gorge·ment n.

views updated

disgorge eject from the throat XV; transf. and fig. XVI. — OF. desgorger (mod. dé-), f. des- DIS- 1, DE- 6 + gorge throat, GORGE.