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di·lute / diˈloōt; dī-/ • v. [tr.] (often be diluted) make (a liquid) thinner or weaker by adding water or another solvent to it: bleach can be diluted with cold water. ∎  make (something) weaker in force, content, or value by modifying it or adding other elements to it: the reforms have been diluted. ∎  reduce the value of (a shareholding) by issuing more shares in a company without increasing the values of its assets. • adj. (of a liquid) made thinner or weaker by having had water or another solvent added to it. ∎  Chem. (of a solution) having a relatively low concentration of solute: a dilute solution of potassium permanganate. ∎  (of color or light) weak or low in concentration: a short measure of dilute sun. DERIVATIVES: di·lut·er n.

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diluteacute, argute, astute, beaut, Beirut, boot, bruit, brut, brute, Bute, butte, Canute, cheroot, chute, commute, compute, confute, coot, cute, depute, dilute, dispute, flute, fruit, galoot, hoot, impute, jute, loot, lute, minute, moot, mute, newt, outshoot, permute, pollute, pursuit, recruit, refute, repute, root, route, salute, Salyut, scoot, shoot, Shute, sloot, snoot, subacute, suit, telecommute, Tonton Macoute, toot, transmute, undershoot, uproot, Ute, volute •Paiute • jackboot • freeboot • top boot •snow boot • gumboot • marabout •statute • bandicoot • Hakluyt •archlute • absolute • dissolute •irresolute, resolute •jackfruit • passion fruit • breadfruit •grapefruit • snakeroot • beetroot •arrowroot • autoroute

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dilute XVI. f. dīlūt-, pp. stem of L. dīluere wash away, dissolve, f. DI- 1 + -luere, comb. form of lavāre wash, LAVE.
Hence dilution XVII.