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deduceabstruse, abuse, adduce, Ballets Russes, Belarus, Bruce, burnous, caboose, charlotte russe, conduce, deduce, deuce, diffuse, douce, educe, excuse, goose, induce, introduce, juice, Larousse, loose, luce, misuse, moose, mousse, noose, obtuse, Palouse, papoose, produce, profuse, puce, recluse, reduce, Rousse, seduce, sluice, Sousse, spruce, traduce, truce, use, vamoose, Zeus •cayuse • calaboose • mongoose •Aarhus • verjuice • couscous •footloose • ventouse • refuse •Odysseus • Idomeneus • hypotenuse •Syracuse

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de·duce / diˈd(y)oōs/ • v. [tr.] arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning; draw as a logical conclusion: it can be deduced from these figures | we deduce that the fish died because of pollution. DERIVATIVES: de·duc·i·ble / -səbəl/ adj.

views updated

deduce †bring, convey; †derive; trace the course of; draw as a conclusion XV; †deduct XVI. — L. dēdūcere, f. DE- 2 + dūcere lead.
So deduct take away, subtract XV; †derive; †trace out; deduce by reasoning XVI. f. dēduct-, pp. stem of L. dēdūcere. deduction subtraction, abatement XV; †detailed account; deducing a conclusion, inference by reasoning XVI. — (O)F. — L.

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