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con·quer / ˈkängkər/ • v. [tr.] overcome and take control of (a place or people) by use of military force. ∎  successfully overcome (a problem or weakness). ∎  climb (a mountain) successfully. ∎  gain the love, admiration, or respect of (a person or group of people). DERIVATIVES: con·quer·a·ble / -k(ə)rəbəl/ adj. con·quer·or / -kərər/ n.

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conquerbalalaika, biker, duiker, Formica, hiker, mica, pica, pika, piker, striker •blocker, chocker, docker, Fokker, interlocker, knocker, locker, mocha, mocker, ocker, quokka, rocker, saltimbocca, shocker, soccer, stocker •vodka • polka •concha, conker, conquer, Dzongkha, plonker, stonker •Oscar • Kotka • Knickerbocker •footlocker •caulker (US calker), corker, hawker, Lorca, Majorca, Minorca, orca, porker, squawker, stalker, talker, walker, yorker •deerstalker • jaywalker • sleepwalker •streetwalker • hillwalker •shopwalker •Asoka, broker, carioca, choker, coca, croaker, evoker, invoker, joker, mediocre, ochre (US ocher), poker, provoker, revoker, Rioja, smoker, soaker, soca, Stoker, tapioca •judoka • shipbroker • stockbroker •pawnbroker • troika

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conquer XIII. — OF. conquerre :- Rom. *conquerere, for L. conquīrere seek for, procure, gain, win, f. CON- + quærere seek.
So conqueror XIII. — AN. conquerour, OF. -eor, f. conquerre; see -OR 1. conquest XIII. — OF. conquest, conqueste (mod. conquête), repr. sb. uses of n. and fem. of Rom. *conquestus, pp. of *conquerere.