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com·pul·sive / kəmˈpəlsiv/ • adj. 1. resulting from or relating to an irresistible urge, esp. one that is against one's conscious wishes: compulsive eating. ∎  (of a person) acting as a result of such an urge: a compulsive liar. 2. irresistibly interesting or exciting; compelling: this play is compulsive viewing. DERIVATIVES: com·pul·sive·ly adv. com·pul·sive·ness n.

views updated

compulsiveimpassive, massive, passive •expansive •aggressive, compressive, concessive, degressive, depressive, digressive, excessive, expressive, impressive, obsessive, oppressive, possessive, progressive, recessive, regressive, repressive, retrogressive, successive, transgressive •reflexive •apprehensive, coextensive, comprehensive, defensive, expensive, extensive, intensive, offensive, ostensive, pensive, suspensive •counteroffensive •abrasive, evasive, invasive, persuasive, pervasive •adhesive, cohesive •missive, omissive, permissive, submissive •decisive, derisive, divisive, incisive •irresponsive, responsive •corrosive, explosive, implosive, plosive •abusive, allusive, collusive, conclusive, conducive, delusive, diffusive, effusive, elusive, exclusive, illusive, inclusive, intrusive, obtrusive, preclusive, reclusive, seclusive •percussive •compulsive, convulsive, impulsive, propulsive, repulsive •purposive •coercive, cursive, excursive, subversive