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clam·or / ˈklamər/ (Brit. clam·our) • n. [in sing.] a loud and confused noise, esp. that of people shouting vehemently: the questions rose to a clamor. ∎  a strongly expressed protest or demand, typically from a large number of people: the growing public clamor for more policemen on the beat. • v. [intr.] (of a group of people) shout loudly and insistently: the surging crowds clamored for attention. ∎  make a vehement protest or demand: scientists are clamoring for a ban on all chlorine substances. DERIVATIVES: clam·or·ous / -ərəs/ adj. clam·or·ous·ly / -ərəslē/ adv. clam·or·ous·ness / -ərəsnəs/ n.

views updated

clamorAlabama, clamour (US clamor), crammer, gamma, glamour (US glamor), gnamma, grammar, hammer, jammer, lamber, mamma, rammer, shammer, slammer, stammer, yammer •Padma • magma • drachma •Alma, halma, Palma •Cranmer • asthma • mahatma •miasma, plasma •jackhammer • sledgehammer •yellowhammer • windjammer •flimflammer • programmer •amah, armour (US armor), Atacama, Brahma, Bramah, charmer, cyclorama, dharma, diorama, disarmer, drama, embalmer, farmer, Kama, karma, lama, llama, Matsuyama, panorama, Parma, pranayama, Rama, Samar, Surinamer, Vasco da Gama, Yama, Yokohama •snake-charmer • docudrama •melodrama •contemner, dilemma, Emma, emmer, Jemma, lemma, maremma, stemma, tremor •Elmer, Selma, Thelma, Velma •Mesmer •claimer, defamer, framer, proclaimer, Shema, tamer

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