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cap·tiv·i·ty / kapˈtivitē/ • n. (pl. -ties) the condition of being imprisoned or confined: he was released after 865 days in captivity the third month of their captivity. ∎  (the Captivity) short for Babylonian Captivity.

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Captivity woof! 2007 (R)

The kazillionth contribution to the relatively new subgenre known as torture-porn. Yeah, they keep coming—only by now anything shocking, original, or smart has been milked. Generic fashion model Jennifer (Cuthbert) has been drugged and abducted for the purpose of sporting torture and mutilation. Forced by her captor to endure one indignity after another as she pleads for her life, Jennifer somehow strikes up an unlikely romance with dungeon mate and hot guy Gillies. Way too grisly to sit through, not even the pretty people can save it. 85m/C DVD . US RU Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel Gillies, Laz Alonso, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Michael Harney; D: Roland Joffe; W: Larry Cohen, Joseph Tura; C: Daniel Pearl; M: Marco Beltrami.

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68. Captivity

See also 335. PUNISHMENT ; 371. SLAVERY .

1. Obsolete, the act of confining, as in a narrow space.
2. restriction of liberty.
the process of confining with a buckle or padlock. See also 364. SEX .
a secret place of imprisonment, usually with only one opening in the top, as found in some old castles.