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bus·y / ˈbizē/ • adj. (bus·i·er , bus·i·est ) having a great deal to do: he had been too busy to enjoy himself. ∎  occupied with or concentrating on a particular activity or object of attention: the team members are busy raising money. ∎  (of a place) full of activity. ∎  excessively detailed or decorated; fussy: they papered the bedroom with a busy pattern of satyrs and dryads. ∎  (of a telephone line) in use. • v. (bus·ies, bus·ied) [tr.] (busy oneself) keep occupied: she busied herself with her new home. DERIVATIVES: bus·i·ly / -lē/ adv. bus·y·ness n.

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busyjazzy, snazzy •palsy-walsy • Ramsay •pansy, tansy •Anasazi, Ashkenazi, Ashkenazy, Benghazi, Ghazi, kamikaze, khazi, Stasi, Swazi •prezzie •frenzy, Mackenzie •Bel Paese, Buthelezi, crazy, daisy, Farnese, glazy, hazy, lazy, Maisie, mazy, oops-a-daisy, Piranesi, upsy-daisy, Veronese •stir-crazy •breezy, cheesy, easy, easy-peasy, Kesey, Parcheesi, queasy, sleazy, wheezy, Zambezi •teensy • speakeasy •busy, dizzy, fizzy, frizzy, Izzy, Lizzie, tizzy •flimsy, whimsy •Kinsey, Lindsay, Lynsey •poesy •Aussie, cossie, mossie •Swansea • gauzy • causey •ballsy, palsy •blowsy, Dalhousie, drowsy, frowzy, housey-housey, lousy •cosy (US cozy), dozy, Josie, mafiosi, mosey, nosy, posey, posy, prosy, Rosie, rosy •Boise, noisy

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busy busy bee an industrious person; an expression deriving from the bee taken as the type of a busy worker.

See also busiest, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

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busy constantly or fully occupied OE.; officiously active XIV; marked by activity XVI. OE. bisiġ, later bysiġ (ME. büsi, besy, bisy) = MLG., MDu. besich (Du. bezig), of unkn. orig.
Hence busybody XVI.

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