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boutabout, bout, clout, devout, doubt, down-and-out, drought, flout, gout, grout, knout, Kraut, lout, mahout, misdoubt, nowt, out, out-and-out, owt, pout, Prout, right about, rout, scout, shout, snout, spout, sprout, stout, thereabout, thereout, throughout, timeout, tout, trout, way-out, without •layout, payout •buyout • blowout • layabout •gadabout • roundabout • knockabout •walkabout • runabout • turnabout •hereabout • roustabout •handout, standout •readout • hideout • dugout • blackout •checkout •breakout, stakeout, takeout •strikeout •knockout, lockout •walkout •cookout, lookout •workout • sell-out • fallout • pull-out •umlaut • litter lout • spin-out •burnout, turnout •hangout • wipeout •copout, dropout •waterspout • beansprout • clearout •sauerkraut • washout • printout •white-out • shoot-out •cut-out, shut-out

views updated

bout / bout/ • n. 1. a short period of intense activity of a specified kind: occasional bouts of strenuous exercise. ∎  an attack of illness or strong emotion of a specified kind: a severe bout of flu. ∎  a wrestling or boxing match. 2. a curve in the side of a violin, guitar, or other musical instrument.

views updated

bout †circuit; (dial.) length of a furrow and back again; round of exercise, fighting. XVI. var. of †bought (XV) bend, fold, turn, prob. — LG. bucht (see BIGHT); assoc. with bout, aphetic form of ABOUT.

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