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boot·leg / ˈboōtˌleg/ • adj. (esp. of liquor, computer software, or recordings) made, distributed, or sold illegally: bootleg cassettes bootleg whiskey. • v. (-legged, -leg·ging) [tr.] make, distribute, or sell (illicit goods, esp. liquor, computer software, or recordings) illegally: [as n.] (bootlegging) domestic bootlegging was almost impossible to control. • n. 1. an illegal musical recording, esp. one made at a concert. 2. Football a play in which the quarterback fakes a handoff and runs with the ball hidden next to his hip. DERIVATIVES: boot·leg·ger n.

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Bootleg ★★ 1985

A detective is on a case that leads to crooked politics and espionage. 82m/C VHS . John Flaus, Carmen Duncan, Ian Nimmo, Ray Meagher; D: John Prescott; W: John Prescott; C: Stephen Frost; M: Stephen Cronin.

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