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backhandedplaided, unpadded •backhanded, candid, candied, heavy-handed, high-handed, offhanded, red-handed, short-handed, unbranded, underhanded •retarded, unregarded •bareheaded, boneheaded, fatheaded, hard-headed, hot-headed, light-headed, pig-headed, pinheaded, thickheaded, unleaded, unwedded, wooden-headed, wrong-headed •intended, splendid, unamended, unapprehended, unattended, unblended, undefended, untended •gadid, unaided, unpersuaded, unshaded •reeded, unheeded, unimpeded, unneeded, unseeded •unshielded • katydid •lopsided, misguided, one-sided, undecided, undivided, unguided, unprovided •broadminded, like-minded, simple-minded, single-minded, small-minded, tough-minded •disembodied •sordid, unrecorded, unrewarded •unclouded, uncrowded •unbounded, unfounded, ungrounded •outmoded, spring-loaded, unexploded •unwounded •unhooded, wooded •cold-blooded, hot-blooded, red-blooded, unstudied, warm-blooded •underfunded, unfunded •unheralded • aphid • triffid •jagged, ragged •cross-legged, legged •dogged • rugged

views updated

back·hand·ed / ˈbakˌhandid/ • adj. made with the back of the hand facing in the direction of movement: a backhanded pass. ∎ fig. indirect; ambiguous or insincere: coming from me, teasing is a backhanded compliment. • adv. with the back of the hand or with the hand turned backward.

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