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an·noy / əˈnoi/ • v. [tr.] (often be annoyed) irritate (someone); make (someone) a little angry: he was annoyed at being woken up so early Kelly was annoyed with herself for feeling a pang of jealousy your damned cheerfulness has always annoyed me | [intr.] rock music loud enough to annoy. ∎ archaic harm or attack repeatedly: a gallant Saxon, who annoyed this Coast. ORIGIN: Middle English (in the sense ‘be hateful to’): from Old French anoier (verb), anoi (noun), based on Latin in odio in the phrase mihi in odio est ‘it is hateful to me.’

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annoyahoy, alloy, Amoy, annoy, boy, buoy, cloy, coy, destroy, employ, enjoy, Hanoi, hoi polloi, hoy, Illinois, joy, koi, oi, ploy, poi, Roy, savoy, soy, toy, trompe l'œil, troy

views updated

annoy XIII. — OF. enoier, anoier (mod. ennuyer) :- late L. inodiāre, from the L. phr. mihī in odiō est it is hateful to me (cf. ODIUM).
So annoyance XIV.