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alteraorta, daughter, exhorter, exporter, extorter, Horta, importer, mortar, porter, quarter, slaughter, snorter, sorter, sporter, supporter, three-quarter, torte, transporter, underwater, water •altar, alter, assaulter, defaulter, falter, Gibraltar, halter, Malta, palter, psalter, salter, vaulter, Walter •flaunter, haunter, saunter, taunter, vaunter •exhauster, Forster •fraudster • granddaughter •stepdaughter • manslaughter •ripsnorter • pole-vaulter • backwater •headquarter • freshwater •breakwater • rainwater • seawater •dishwater • tidewater • Whitewater •saltwater • rosewater • shearwater •firewater •doubter, grouter, outer, pouter, scouter, shouter, spouter, touter •counter, encounter, mounter •jouster, ouster •revcounter •bloater, boater, Botha, Dakota, doter, emoter, floater, gloater, iota, Kota, Minnesota, motor, promoter, quota, rota, rotor, scoter, voter •bolter, coulter (US colter), Volta •boaster, coaster, poster, roaster, toaster •roadster • oldster •bolster, holster, pollster, soulster, upholster •billposter

views updated

al·ter / ˈôltər/ • v. [tr.] change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way: Eliot was persuaded to alter the passage [intr.] our outward appearance alters as we get older. ∎  make structural changes to (a building): plans to alter the dining hall. ∎  tailor (clothing) for a better fit or to conform to fashion: skirts with the hemlines altered a dozen different times. ∎  castrate or spay (a domestic animal). DERIVATIVES: al·ter·a·ble adj.

views updated

alter XIV. — (O)F. altérer — late L. alterāre, f. alter other.
So alteration XIV. — (O)F. or late L.