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air·y / ˈe(ə)rē/ • adj. (air·i·er, air·i·est) 1. spacious, well lit, and well ventilated. ∎  delicate, as though filled with or made of air: airy clouds. ∎ fig. giving an impression of light gracefulness and elegance: her airy presence filled the house. 2. giving an impression of being unconcerned or not serious, typically about something taken seriously by others: her airy unconcern. DERIVATIVES: air·i·ly / -əlē/ adv. (in sense 2) air·i·ness n.

views updated

airyairy, Azeri, canary, carabinieri, Carey, Cary, chary, clary, contrary, dairy, Dari, faerie, fairy, glairy, glary, Guarneri, hairy, lairy, Mary, miserere, nary, Nyerere, prairie, Salieri, scary, Tipperary, vary, wary •carefree • masonry • blazonry •Aintree • pastry • masturbatory •freemasonry • stonemasonry • Petrie

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