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af·ford / əˈfôrd/ • v. [tr.] 1. have enough money to pay for: we could never have afforded to heat the place. ∎  have (a certain amount of something, esp. money or time) available or to spare: it was taking up more time than he could afford. ∎  be able to do something without risk of adverse consequences: kings could afford to be wrathful. 2. provide or supply (an opportunity or facility): the rooftop terrace affords beautiful views.

views updated

afford †further, carry out OE.; be able, have the means XIV; grant, yield XVI. Late OE. ġeforðian, f. ġe- Y- + forðian to further, f. FORTH. After the reduction of the prefix to a-, the sp. was assim. to words of L. origin in aff-; for the change of th to d cf. burden, murder.

views updated

affordaboard, abroad, accord, afford, applaud, award, bawd, board, broad, chord, Claude, cord, ford, fraud, gaud, Gawd, hoard, horde, laud, lord, maraud, milord, sward, sword, toward, unawed, unexplored, unrestored, ward •fjord

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