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ab·so·lute·ly / ˌabsəˈloōtlē/ • adv. 1. with no qualification, restriction, or limitation; totally.. ∎  used to emphasize the truth or appropriateness of a very strong or exaggerated statement: he absolutely adores that car. ∎  none whatsoever: she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. ∎  used to emphasize a statement or opinion: it's absolutely pouring out there it's absolutely ages since I went to a party. ∎  [as interj.] inf. used to express and emphasize one's assent or agreement: “Did they give you a free hand when you joined the band?” “Absolutely!” 2. independently; not viewed in relation to other things or factors: these crimes increased both absolutely and in comparison with other crimes. ∎  Gram. (of a verb) without a stated object.

views updated

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