Wayland Smith

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Wayland Smith

A character in German mythological romance, father of Weltich, whom he trained in the art of warfare and sent to the Court of Dietrich in Bern. Wayland Smith gave the sword Miming to Weltich and told him of a mermaid to whom he was to apply when in difficulty.

Wayland Smith is also referred to in the Sigfried story as in company with another metalsmith named Mimi when Sigfried joins the smithy. His workmanship is praised in the Beowulf saga and he is mentioned there and elsewhere as a maker of impregnable armor. He is the supernatural smith of the Teutonic peoples and comparable to the gods Vulcan and Hephaistos in Roman and Greek mythology.

Wayland the Smith

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Wayland the Smith in Anglo-Saxon mythology, a smith with supernatural powers, in English legend supposed to have his forge in a Neolithic chambered tomb (Wayland's Smithy) on the downs in SW Oxfordshire. His Norse equivalent is Volund.

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Wayland Smith

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