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plazaBalthazar, Belshazzar, jazzer •bonanza, Braganza, Constanza, extravaganza, kwanza, organza, Panzer, stanza •parser, plaza, tabula rasa •Shevardnadze • dopiaza •Nebuchadnezzar • Demelza •cadenza, cleanser, credenza, influenza, Penza •appraiser, blazer, eraser, Fraser, gazer, glazer, grazer, laser, mazer, praiser, razor, salmanazar, Weser •stargazer • trailblazer • hellraiser •appeaser, Caesar, easer, Ebenezer, El Giza, freezer, geezer, geyser, Louisa, Pisa, seizer, squeezer, teaser, Teresa, Theresa, visa, wheezer •crowd-pleaser • stripteaser •fizzer, quizzer, scissor •Windsor

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pla·za / ˈplazə; ˈpläzə/ • n. 1. a public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a built-up area. 2. a shopping center. ∎  a service area on a highway, typically with a gas station and restaurants.

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1. Public square or market place, especially in Spain or Latin America.

2. Large paved area surrounded by or adjacent to buildings, often embellished with sculpture, fountains, and planting, especially in North America.

3. Suburban shopping area consisting of a huge parking lot surrounded by shops.

4. Covered area, often lit from above, for shops, etc.

5. Area where tolls are collected at a bridge, tunnel, or motorway.