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in·ter·lace / ˌintərˈlās/ • v. [tr.] bind intricately together; interweave: the trees interlaced their branches so that only tiny patches of sky were visible. ∎  (interlace something with) mingle or intersperse something with: buttercups interlacing their gold with the silver of the daisies discussion interlaced with esoteric mathematics. ∎  [intr.] (of two or more things) cross each other intricately: [as adj.] (interlacing) interlacing bundles of smooth muscle fibers. ∎ Electr. scan (a video image) in such a way that alternate lines form one sequence that is followed by the other lines in a second sequence: [as adj.] (interlaced) interlaced displays. DERIVATIVES: in·ter·lace·ment n.

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interlace. Carved ornament of crossed and recrossed cords or bands arranged like a single piece of flexible material returning upon itself, like unravelled knots. Called entrelacs, it is common in Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and some Romanesque art.


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interlace XIV. — OF. entrelacier; see INTER-, LACE vb.