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garlandunironed, viand •prebend •beribboned, riband •husband • house husband •unquestioned • escutcheoned •brigand, ligand •legend •fecund, second, split-second •millisecond • nanosecond •microsecond • rubicund • jocund •Langland • garland • parkland •Cartland, heartland •headland • Shetland • Lakeland •mainland •eland, Leland, Wieland, Zealand, Zeeland •Greenland • heathland • Cleveland •Friesland • Queensland • midland •England • Finland • Maryland •dryland, highland, island •Iceland • Holland • dockland •Scotland •foreland, Westmorland •Auckland, Falkland •Portland • Northland •lowland, Poland, Roland •Oakland • Copland • Newfoundland •woodland • Buckland • upland •Jutland, Rutland •Ireland • moorland •Cumberland, Northumberland •Sunderland • Switzerland •Sutherland • Hammond •almond, Armand •Edmund, Redmond •Desmond, Esmond •Raymond • Grimond • Richmond •Sigmund • Sigismund • Osmond •Dortmund • unsummoned •diamond • gourmand • unopened •errand, gerund •reverend • Bertrand • dachshund •unchastened •old-fashioned, unimpassioned •unsanctioned •aforementioned, undermentioned, unmentioned •unconditioned • unsweetened •unenlightened • unleavened •self-governed • unseasoned •wizened • thousand

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gar·land / ˈgärlənd/ • n. a wreath of flowers and leaves, worn on the head or hung as a decoration. ∎ dated a prize or distinction. ∎  archaic a literary anthology or miscellany. • v. [tr.] adorn or crown with a garland: they were garlanded with flowers.

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1. Wreath-like ornament of flowers, leaves, etc.

2. Festoon.

3. Ornamental band around a Gothic spire etc.

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Gar·land 1 / ˈgärlənd/ a city in northeastern Texas, northeast of Dallas; pop. 215,768.

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a wreath made of flowers or ribbons; a collection of extracts, songs, etc. See also chaplet.

Examples: garland of ballads, 1765; of flowers, 1756; of golden roses, 1612; of goodwill, 1631; of ribbons; of riddles, 1710; of rose leaves, 1385; of songs, 1663.

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garland wreath of flowers, etc. XIV. ME. gerland, garland — OF. gerlande, garlande (mod. guirlande); of unkn. orig.