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cra·dle / ˈkrādl/ • n. 1. an infant's bed or crib, typically one mounted on rockers. ∎ fig. a place, process, or event in which something originates or flourishes: he saw Greek art as the cradle of European civilization. ∎ fig. infancy; childhood: a society that would secure the welfare of its citizens from cradle to grave. 2. a framework resembling a cradle, in particular: ∎  a framework on which a ship or boat rests during construction or repairs. ∎  the part of a telephone on which the receiver rests when not in use. ∎  a frame put over a hospital bed to prevent the bedclothes from touching a patient’s injury. ∎ Mining a trough on rockers in which auriferous earth or sand is shaken in water to separate the gold. • v. [tr.] 1. hold gently and protectively: she cradled his head in her arms. ∎ fig. be the place of origin of. 2. place (a telephone receiver) in its cradle.

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cradleaddle, paddle, saddle, skedaddle, staddle, straddle •candle, Coromandel, dandle, Handel, handle, mishandle, Randall, sandal, scandal, vandal •manhandle, panhandle •packsaddle • side-saddle •backpedal, heddle, medal, meddle, pedal, peddle, treadle •Grendel, Kendall, Lendl, Mendel, Rendell, sendal, Wendell •cradle, ladle •beadle, bipedal, credal, needle, wheedle •diddle, fiddle, griddle, kiddle, Liddell, middle, piddle, riddle, twiddle •brindle, dwindle, kindle, spindle, swindle, Tyndale •paradiddle, taradiddle •pyramidal • apsidal •bridal, bridle, fratricidal, genocidal, germicidal, homicidal, idle, idol, infanticidal, insecticidal, intertidal, matricidal, parricidal, patricidal, pesticidal, regicidal, sidle, suicidal, tidal, tyrannicidal, uxoricidal •coddle, doddle, model, noddle, swaddle, toddle, twaddle, waddle •fondle, rondel •mollycoddle •caudal, chordal, dawdle •poundal, roundel •Gödel, modal, yodel •crinoidal •boodle, caboodle, canoodle, doodle, feudal, noodle, poodle, strudel, udal •befuddle, cuddle, fuddle, huddle, muddle, puddle, ruddle •bundle, trundle •prebendal • synodal •antipodal, tripodal •citadel •curdle, engirdle, girdle, hurdle •dirndl

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1. Light structure or framework (cradling) to support a plaster cornice or vault.

2. Corbeil.

3. Caisson.

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cradle (kray-d'l) n. a framework of metal strips or other material that forms a cage over an injured part of the body of a patient lying in bed, to protect it from the pressure of the bedclothes.

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cradle child's light bed or cot OE.; framework of bars, cords, etc. XIV. OE. cradol; perh. f. the same base as OHG. kratto, (MH)G. kratte basket.

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