views updated May 17 2018

clos·et / ˈkläzit/ • n. 1. a small room or cupboard used for storing things. ∎ archaic a small, private room used for prayer or study.2. archaic a toilet.3. (the closet) a state of secrecy or concealment, esp. about one's homosexuality: lesbians who had come out of the closet.• adj. secret; covert: a closet socialist.• v. (clos·et·ed, clos·et·ing) [tr.] (often be closeted) shut (someone) away, esp. in private conference or study. ∎  in a state of concealment, esp. about one's homosexuality.


views updated May 23 2018

1. Private audience-chamber.

2. Oratory.

3. Dressing-room adjacent to a larger room.

4. Cupboard.

5. Secluded study.

6. Private pew in a church.

7. Store.

8. Water closet.


views updated May 21 2018

closet private room XIV; cabinet, cupboard, privy XVII. — OF., dim. of clos; see prec. and -ET.