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219. Improvement

a method of self-help stressing autosuggestion, introduced into America about 1920 by the French psychotherapist Emile Coué and featuring the slogan Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
the science of improving a breed or species through the careful selection of parents. eugenicist , n. eugenic , adj.
the art or science of improving a race or breed, especially the human race, by control of external influences, as environment. Cf. eugenics. euthenist , n.
the doctrine that the world tends to get better or may be made better by human effort. meliorist , n., adj. melioristic , adj.
telesia, telesis
the harnessing of natural and social forces for a beneficial goal.


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im·prove·ment / imˈproōvmənt/ • n. an example or instance of improving or being improved: an improvement in East–West relations. ∎  the action of improving or being improved: there's still room for improvement. ∎  a thing that makes something better or is better than something else: home improvements it's an improvement on the last cake I made.