Zubirán Anchondo, Salvador (1898–1998)

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Zubirán Anchondo, Salvador (1898–1998)

Salvador Zubirán Anchondo was a Mexican physician, educator, and nutritional expert. Born on December 23, 1898, as a 1923 graduate of the National University, Zubirán was one of an important generation of medical students. A disciple of Gastón Melo, he continued his medical studies at Harvard University, and in 1925 joined the medical faculty at the National University, where he taught for many years. He served as first head of the Child Welfare Department (1937), before becoming assistant secretary of health (1938–1943). Appointed rector of the National University in 1946, he resigned in 1948 after a violent student protest. Following his resignation, he directed programs in nutrition, and his efforts contributed substantially to Mexican knowledge in this field. He served as president of the Mexican Academy of Medicine (1947), and received Mexico's National Prize in Sciences (1968) and the Belisario Domínguez Medal of Honor (1986). He died on June 10, 1998.

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Zubirán Anchondo, Salvador (1898–1998)

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