Zipoli, Domenico (1688–1726)

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Zipoli, Domenico (1688–1726)

Domenico Zipoli (b. 16 or 17 October 1688; d. 2 January 1726), Italian organist and composer. Born in Prato, Tuscany, Zipoli commenced musical studies early. At the age of twenty-one, he moved to Naples to study with Alessandro Scarlatti. Later teachers included Lavinio Felice Vannucci and Bernardo Pasquini. Zipoli became choirmaster and organist of the Church of the Jesuits in Rome in 1715. He joined the Society of Jesus in 1716, and the following year traveled to Argentina, where he became choirmaster and organist in the Cathedral of Córdoba. His fame as a composer was established in 1716 with the publication of the Sonate d'intavolatura, a collection of keyboard music, the first part for organ and the second for harpsichord. Not much survives of the music he composed while in Argentina, and for many years his contribution to Argentine music was primarily thought to consist of his having brought to it music in the style of Scarlatti and Pasquini. But in 1959, in the Sucre Cathedral archives, a copy made at Potosí in 1784 of one of his masses was discovered. In 1966, the compositions Tantum Ergo and Letania were found in Beni, Bolivia, by Samuel Claro Valdés. While remembered particularly for his harpsichord works, Zipoli composed sonatas and toccatas for various instruments. He died in Córdoba.

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