World Federation of Sephardi Communities

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Organization to support Sephardic settlement in Pales-tine/Israel.

The organization was founded at a conference of Sephardic communities in Vienna in 1925, prior to the Fourteenth Zionist Congress. The creation of Sephardic settlements at Kfar Hittim, Tzur Moshe, and Bet Hannan followed. After the establishment of the State of Israel, the Sephardi World Congress was convened in Paris in 1951 to renew the organization's activities on behalf of the Sephardic population in Israel, in the areas of education, housing, welfare, and preservation of their heritage. A second congress was held in Jerusalem in 1954. Now known as The World Sephardi Federation, its activities in Israel have been concentrated in education and in helping economically underprivileged Sephardic communities. It also works to promote the bond between Diaspora and Israeli Sephardic communities.


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World Federation of Sephardi Communities

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World Federation of Sephardi Communities