Ureta, Eloy G. (1892–1965)

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Ureta, Eloy G. (1892–1965)

Eloy G. Ureta (b. 1892; d. 1965), Peruvian military leader, presidential candidate, and diplomat. Ureta was born in Chiclayo and educated in Chorrillos Military Academy (1909–1913) and the Advanced War School (1922). As brigadier general in 1941, Ureta was in charge of the military operations during the war with Ecuador. He became a popular military figure especially after the victory achieved in the battle of Zarumilla (24 July 1941). He was promoted to division general in 1941. He retired from the army to run unsuccessfully for the presidency in 1945. He was awarded the honorary rank of marshal in 1946. Between 1949 and 1955 he was the Peruvian ambassador to Spain. He died in Madrid.

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