Tejada Sorzano, José Luis (1882–1938)

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Tejada Sorzano, José Luis (1882–1938)

José Luis Tejada Sorzano (b. 12 January 1882; d. 4 October 1938), president of Bolivia (27 November 1934–17 May 1936). A lawyer by profession, Tejada Sorzano was an expert in banking and a diplomat. He was a legislator from 1914 to 1918 and was minister of finance (Hacienda) during the government of José Gutiérrez Guerra. He was elected vice president in 1931 and assumed the presidency when President Daniel Salamanca was forced to resign.

The Chaco War with Paraguay was the main preoccupation of Tejada Sorzano. There were genuine attempts to secure peace for the beleaguered nation, but Tejada Sorzano had little support and was overthrown by frustrated military officers.

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