Merello, Tita (1904–2002)

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Merello, Tita (1904–2002)

Tita Merello was an Argentine actress and singer who appeared in more than twenty films during a career that spanned seven decades. Born Laura Ana Merello to a working-class Uruguayan mother and Argentine father in a tenement house in Buenos Aires' poor neighborhood of San Telmo, she began her career as a dancer before moving to the theater stage and to motion pictures. Her filmography includes Luis José Moglia Barth's ¡Tango! (1933), Argentina's first "Movietone" picture, and Eduardo Morera's Así es el tango (1937). Merello appeared on television in the early 1960s and returned to theater before her final motion-picture appearances in Los miedos (1980) and Las barras bravas (1985). Known for her liveliness, Merello received the Pablo Podestá Prize from the Association of Argentine Actors in 1991 before receding from the public eye in the early 1990s due to health problems.

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