Juárez, Luis (c. 1585–c. 1635)

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Juárez, Luis (c. 1585–c. 1635)

Luis Juarez (b. ca. 1585; d. ca. 1635), Mexican painter. Juárez was the founder of an important dynasty of colonial Mexican painters. Although the place of his birth is unknown, his mannerist style can clearly be identified as Mexican—influenced, of course, by the Spanish masters who preceded him, particularly the Sevillian Alonso Vázquez, who came to New Spain in 1603 and died there in 1608. The works of Juárez are remarkably uniform in style and feeling, usually showing religious figures in an elegant yet subdued and direct manner. Scattered throughout Mexico are nearly one hundred paintings that can be attributed to Juárez, evidence that he was well and widely known.


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