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Moroccan plain.

The Gharb, inhabited by Arab tribes (Banu Malik, Sufiyan, Khlut, and Tliq), is located between Wadi Lukkus, Wadi Sabu, and the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Before colonization, the tribes lived by limited agriculture and pastoralism. Under the French protectorate, the Gharb became a rich region where colons settled and developed different types of agriculture for export.

After independence, the Gharb was subject to intensive development through allocation of irrigated plots of land to peasants and the creation of small exploitation units of industrial agriculture. During this period, the Gharb witnessed an intensive intervention by state agencies, such as national offices of rural modernization and of irrigation and the division of water and forests.

The cities of the Gharb are Mechra Bel Ksiri, Sidi Sliman, Sidi Yahya, and Kenitra. Except for Kenitra, which is located on the margin of the region, the Gharb has not experienced the development of any major urban agglomeration because of its closeness to big cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, and Meknes.

See also colons.

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