Atrash, Sultan Pasha al-

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Prominent Syrian Druze chieftain.

Sultan Pasha was feared by the French because of his continued efforts to rally the Druzes against French interference in the Jabal Druze in Syria. He was the leader of the Jabal Druze revolt (19251927) against French administration in Syria, during which he called on all Syrians to fight for the complete independence of Syria. Although the revolt was under Druze leadership, it assumed a truly national character and became Syria-wide. Sultan Pasha's anti-French activities compelled him to live years of exile with many of his followers. Exile, which ended with the French amnesty of May 1937, allowed new rivals to Sultan Pasha to emerge in the Jabal Druze. Sultan Pasha remained close to the faction of Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar, a prominent Syrian politician who had British and Hashimite links.

see also jabal druze; shahbandar, abd alrahman.

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