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tru·ly / ˈtroōlē/ • adv. 1. in a truthful way: he speaks truly. ∎  used to emphasize emotional sincerity or seriousness: time to reflect on what we truly want it is truly a privilege to be here | I'm truly sorry, but I can't join you today | truly, I don't understand you sometimes. 2. to the fullest degree; genuinely or properly: management does not truly understand or care about the residents | a truly free press. ∎  absolutely or completely (used to emphasize a description): a truly dreadful song. 3. in fact or without doubt; really: this is truly a miracle. 4. archaic loyally or faithfully: why cannot all masters be served truly? PHRASES: yours truly used as a formula for ending a letter. ∎ humorous used to refer to oneself: the demos will be organized by yours truly.

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