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splash / splash/ • n. a sound made by something striking or falling into liquid: we hit the water with a mighty splash. ∎  a spell of moving about in water energetically: the girls joined them for a final splash in the pool. ∎  a small quantity of liquid that has fallen or been dashed against a surface: a splash of gravy. ∎  a small quantity of liquid added to a drink: a splash of lemonade. ∎  a bright patch of color: add a red scarf to give a splash of color. ∎ inf. a prominent or sensational news feature or story: a front-page splash. ∎ inf. a striking, ostentatious, or exciting effect or event: there's going to be a big splash when Mike returns to the ring.• v. [tr.] cause (liquid) to strike or fall on something in irregular drops: she splashed cold water onto her face. ∎  [tr.] make wet by doing this: they splashed each other with water. ∎  [intr.] (of a liquid) fall or be scattered in irregular drops: a tear fell and splashed onto the pillow. ∎  [intr.] strike or move around in a body of water, causing it to fly about noisily: some stones splashed into the water wheels splashed through a puddle. ∎  (be splashed with) be decorated with scattered patches of: a field splashed with purple clover. ∎  [tr.] print (a story or photograph, esp. a sensational one) in a prominent place in a newspaper or magazine: the story was splashed across the front pages.PHRASES: make a splash inf. attract a great deal of attention.PHRASAL VERBS: splash down (of a spacecraft) land on water.