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par·cel / ˈpärsəl/ • n. 1. a thing or collection of things wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by mail.2. a quantity or amount of something, in particular: ∎  a piece of land, esp. one considered as part of an estate. ∎  a quantity dealt with in one commercial transaction: a parcel of shares. ∎ technical a portion of a larger body of air or other fluid considered as a discrete element.• v. (-celed, -cel·ing; Brit. -celled, -cel·ling) [tr.] make (something) into a parcel by wrapping it: he parceled up his only winter suit to take to the pawnbroker. ∎  (parcel something out) divide into portions and then distribute: they will start parceling out radio frequencies for digital cordless telephones. ∎  Naut. wrap (rope) with strips of tarred canvas before binding it with yarn as part of a traditional technique to reduce chafing.PHRASES: be part and parcel ofsee part.

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