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mid the middle or midst OF. OE. *midd, only in obl. forms midde, middes, midne, midre, middum (cf. AMID), corr. to OS. middi, OHG. mitti, ON. miðr, Goth. midjis :- Gmc. *miðja-, *meðja- :- IE. *medhjo-, whence also L. medius, Gr. méssos, mésos, OIr. mide, OSl. meždu between, Skr. mádhya-, midday, midnight, midsummer, midwinter occur in OE. both as two words (with mid inflected) and as comps. midland (XVI), contr. of ME. middel land (XIII). midmost (XVII), alt. (by assoc. with -MOST) of OE., ME. midmest; for formation and development cf. FOREMOST. midway adv. in the middle of the distance XIII. ME. midwei, for o midweie, OE. on midweġe.

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